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A large fracture formed in the sea ice

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A large fracture formed in the sea ice

At 1am this morning a large fracture formed in the sea ice in the vicinity of Tara and the scientific camp. Extending east west for a few kilometers this opening has cut our precious runway in two. Luckily the Twin Otter aircraft that was parked at one end had enough distance to take off, heading for the security of Station North in Greenland with three scientists aboard, leaving 23 people on base.

Working late into the night to survey another suitable zone of stable ice, today was then spent finishing the second runway and transferring fuel. Weather permitting we hope to get another flight in tomorrow.

After a relative stable period over the last couple of months, this latest ice movement has unfortunately cut our programme short by a couple of days. However, good progress has been made on all science fronts with a number of new experiments installed for the coming summer period.


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