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who is the builder of boat?

The ship has been built in 1989 by the shipyard SFCN in Villeneuve-la-Garenne (in Paris suburbs on the river Seine, this shipyard doesn’t exist anymore). The architects were Olivier Petit and Luc Bouvet. The owner was Jean-Louis Etienne (the boat was named Antarctica) who sold the boat to Peter Blake (he renamed the boat Seamaster). When Pete Blake died on board on river Amazon, the actual owner, Etienne Bourgois rechristened the boat Tara.

What is your geographical position and how far away, in miles if possible, are you from the geographic north pole ?

Today, the boat position is exactly: 85°32’49” N- 5°42’ E so the Tara is 267 nautical miles (281 statute miles) from the North Pole. On May 28, 2006 the boat reaches 88°32’11” N its northern most latitude at only 88 nautical miles (100 satute miles) from the pole.

What are your recent findings about the climate change which is the most popular topic in the world today?

It is already obvious that air temperatures are not as cold as they were before. The mean temperature during the month of December was only -28°C. They also noticed that the height of pressure ridges, formed when two ice floes collide, never exceed 5 to 6 meters when several decades ago it was really common to encounter ridges 10-meter high. That is mainly due to the depletion in thickness of the ice-pack. When the team on board is making CTD (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) profils to study the water column below Tara they can clearly see a relatively hot layer of water at the depth of 250 m resulting from the entrance of hot Atlantic water through the Fram straight and spreading all over the Arctic Ocean.

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