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In the whale’s belly

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In the whale’s belly

In the whale’s belly

Tara, out of the water, with her masts disassembled, is now completely empty. A look in the workshop and in the engines room shows the structural elements of the ship, usually hidden behind the various equipments.

A thorough inspection of this aluminium monster’s entrails is carried out in all its lesser little corners in search of any corrosion points. Moreover, for good measure too, during this last repairs dockyard, no detail is left aside for Tara Oceans’ next expedition.

Since last September at Villefranche, the first trials at sea, in collaboration with the scientists, allowed to draft specifications concerning the ship’s adaptation to the protocols of research, borings, or seawater filtrations. We must therefore find the solutions that shall guarantee the quality of the samples, in the safety conditions applicable to navigation over all the seas of the globe. For instance, choice of the weight and location of the sampling pumps on deck must be studied thoroughly in order to maintain the requirements of the ship’s stability.

At present the masts are laid on the embankment alongside the ship and shall be inspected on all the sew lines, some welds shall be re-adjusted and some essential parts liquated to show the weak points.

Tara shall be 20 in a few weeks and what we are therefore offering her also is a little rejuvenating treatment. During all her years of expeditions and navigation, Tara certainly came to know several repair dockyards and the present one likewise shall allow changing certain mechanical parts or equipment, should it be necessary.

Tara 2006-2007

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