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Landing field preparation



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Landing field preparation

Landing field preparation

Friday 30th of March, the cargo plane chartered by Tara Expéditions from the Moscow based company ATS has been detained in Murmansk by the authorities. The plane was supposed to parachute over Tara the fresh food supplies for the second wintering, wood, tents, a tractor and some kerosene as well as the required logistics means for the April campaign of the European scientific DAMOCLES consortium.

For the moment, the parachuting is postponed but Etienne Bourgois and his team hope to find a way out of these administrative problems peculiar to Russian in the next days.

This new phase in the Tara Arctic expedition shows how complicated it is to prepare an expedition in this part of the world for weather, human, material, logistic and administrative reasons.

Monday, part of the team that is supposed to join the polar base, Tara, travelled toward Longyearbyen in Sptizberg and is waiting to take the first flight toward the base in the Arctic.

Several spots could be picked around Tara to make this kind of landing field. However these landing fields can break after a gust of wind.

Gamet Agamirzayev’s Russian know-how is of the utmost importance in the making of the landing field.
Each day of delay is undermining the proper implementation of the international scientific research.

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