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Les travailleurs de la matière

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Les travailleurs de la matière

The workers of the material

Tara’s big aft mast, hoisted up by a 55 ton and 40 metre boom crane, is accurately positioned on the deck. After three week’s work on the rig, Tara, the proud polar schooner is recovering its travelling bird’s wings. To draw the sea gods’ favour, a coin is placed under the mast’s mainsail pad, an old tradition originating from the times of the sails navy.

Nevertheless, time for departure has not yet come; there remains several works to de done still before hoisting the sails to run towards the horizon. The men of Timolor enterprise are at work in the most inaccessible parts of the boat to repair and modify it in view of the next expedition. For 4 years now, this site makes part of our main works supervisors. A whole team is always available to our service, attentive to our needs and ready to execute the modifications.
The design engineers of the technical office design any modification or new installation. In the hard-working environment of their den, the material is modified and modelled on the computer screens. This is where, on plan, problems get their solutions. Backed by their long experience, Olivier and Guillaume, who know well the structures of the boat, try to find the technical solutions to our often-complex specifications.
Later, it is up to the field project manager to budget the works and place the order of materials for the execution of the work. Erwan and Laurent hold the position of carrying out a - not always easy - connection between the plans and the real thing. They are also the practical specialists of the boat, who can find out the time-damaged plates and who are hunting details that can hide a flaw. Generally hard to catch, running from one boat to another, they are precious advisers for solving the technical problems.
With his cap well set on his head and always smiling, Daniel is another important gear of Timolor. He will set up the works onboard with his teams of cutters, welders, pipe layers. Sam, Bruno, Reynald, Jackie and others shall work the materials and transform them in the turmoil and dust of aluminium. They assess the bottom of the ship to be welded and ground, going to all the most secluded and difficult to access angles.
A spacious site that knows Tara at present is not an accomplishment of only one team, but of several, all working jointly towards the same aim: setting it together in an as much as possible effective execution.

Hervé Bourmaud, Tara’s Skipper

Tara 2006-2007

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