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Secrets of the bubble roof

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An old plexi is used here as a template to build a new one

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Secrets of the bubble roof

Secrets of the bubble roof

Built to resist to the strong pressure exerted by the pack ice but also to the extreme cold conditions, Tara is greatly protected by isolation sheets of 20 cm and 10 cm air on the whole length and this above water level.

The under parts do not need them because water is less cold than air and one must be able to control regularly the bottom that are subject to water ways. The wardroom and steering cabin windows also have their specificities to avoid a heat loss that would be too strong. These are double panes made of methacrylate 10 mm thick for the indoors and 20 mm for the outdoors. They are resistant to extreme cold and have been tested in super freezers at a temperature of -80°C. Between these big panes, a system of air circulation with a pump and dehumidifier have been set up before the drift to avoid the forming of water steam that with the frost could have unfortunate consequences in the polar regions. After 18 years of good and faithful service, the plexis of the ward room had been changed during the shipyard prior to the drift. Making them is not easy and as each one is made in a mould. There is only one company near Nantes that makes this kind of shaping. It is moreover this company that had made these windows After having noticed their good behaviour in extreme conditions, it was the turn of of the bridge’s plexis to be changed according to the same assembly method. The only problem was to produce rounded shapes for the front part. The mould had to be made by blowing. On the advice of Gaël who had made these plexis 18 years ago, Eric, a carpenter and sailor who knows how to stratify produced them. Now they need to be put in, an important task that requires special attention to the watertightness and the dilatation joints for a ship that will be submitted to strong changes of temperatures during her coming trips. During this time, the woodwork that suffered during the polar odyssey are changed and the paintbrushes are busy painting and varnishing.

Tara 2006-2007

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